In the summer of 2008 we completely revamped the infant playground. Part of the work involved clearing back some extra space into the side of the sloping field. We did this and formed a graded bank and fenced around it. Then we provided a stone base underneath and finished off with a lovely green layer of wet pour rubber that finished flush with the existing playground, this gave the children an extra 64m² of space. We also designed and built a bespoke continuous trim trail at low level, especially designed for the KS1 children.

Wembury Primary School, South Devon

On the same playground we provided a seating area in the form of our Plymouth Longship boat, a Fireball for ball games and ball shooting skills made especially lower for the younger ones, some Toadstools for storytelling and some thermoplastic markings to brighten the remainder of the area and to provide that extra aspect of physical play without the risk of running into obstacles.

In January 2009 we have just developed the junior playground and field are with a well designed trim trail, Fireball, markings and access to the pond area by means of a deck and pathway. Photos to come soon of the junior area. Please take a look at the KS1 area pictures above.

Altogether a great success with 'Suzie' the headteacher remarking that 'The whole project has transformed play / lunchtimes & has given the children a real focus as well as a sense of enjoyment. The well being of pupils & staff has improved as has the development of teaching beyond the classroom'.