In December 2010, Broxap supplied Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest Village in Nottinghamshire with our full range of recycling litter bins. Within this order were 8 of our Junior SEPR8’ recycling units.  Broxap’s overall aim of the Junior SEPR8 is to develop the importance of recycling to children and we believe this recycling unit has a paramount approach that is fun yet educational.

Using the aid of colourful bright graphics we have been able to style the recycling unit in a bright and instructive manner. The colour coded external flaps help to clearly indicate which section the child needs to deposit their recycling goods. The simple single-sided recycling bin will help to reduce the reliance on landfills to get rid of visitors waste helping to extend the popular holiday homes green factor.

 Centre Parcs

An example of the RonnieRecycler Junior Recycling Unit with customised graphics at Hillside Primary School in Staffordshire.

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