Eden Tower

SKU: BX/PD 150006

Quick Overview

The Eden Tower is a compact challenging playground equipment item that can be used in a playground where space is limited.

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Not including installation or delivery.

The Eden Tower is a compact piece of playground equipment consisting of one main tower unit with HDPE roof. At the top of the tower  is a twisty slide and firemans pole. allowing the child to safely negotiate the drop from the tower to the floor.  For access up to the top floor of the tower there are two vertical climbing walls which have grips to aid climbing. Seating is installed at ground level beneath the tower promoting social play and offering a shaded area and also easily accessible to less abled children, the play equipment is suitable for Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and public use.


  • A compact tower with roof

  • Firemans pole

  • Two climbing walls with grips

  • Twist slide

  • Seating in shaded area beneath tower

  • Free height of fall: 2000mm

  • Safer surface area: 44 metres square

  • Galvanized steel feet for submerged fixing

  • Easy access for less abled children

A diagram of this play equipmenthas been included here.